Financial Services and Insurance

    Driving Innovation to Accelerate Growth in Insurance and Finance

    Innovating the Future of Finance and Insurance

    I specialize in designing and implementing digital solutions for financial services and insurance clients. I focus on product development, technical assessments, and organizational restructuring to create agile, customer-centric solutions that drive growth and profitability.

    Focus Area: Financial Services and Insurance Transformation

    I have experience working with clients in consumer banking, insurance, and financial services sectors. My expertise includes product due diligence, design sprints, building agile teams, and creating digital strategies for long-term success.

    Client Benefits

    Financial services and insurance solutions provide clients with:

    • Robust and innovative products that meet customer needs and drive revenue growth
    • Enhanced technical and organizational health through in-depth assessments and restructuring
    • Agile and design-driven teams that deliver customer-centric solutions

    Project Summary

    • Product Due Diligence, Insurance: Conducted an end-to-end assessment of an insurance company’s digital offerings
    • Design Sprint for a Consumer Banking Product: Supported a Swiss financial services client in designing a new consumer-focused banking and finance product
    • Building a Design Factory for a German Insurance Client: Developed a new product and accompanying campaign while assembling an agile team