Financial Services and Insurance

    Driving Innovation to Accelerate Growth in Insurance and Finance

    Innovating the Future of Finance and Insurance

    Our team specializes in designing and implementing digital solutions for financial services and insurance clients. We focus on product development, technical assessments, and organizational restructuring to create agile, customer-centric solutions that drive growth and profitability.

    Focus Area: Financial Services and Insurance Transformation

    We have experience working with clients in consumer banking, insurance, and financial services sectors. Our expertise includes product due diligence, design sprints, building agile teams, and creating digital strategies for long-term success.

    Client Benefits

    Our financial services and insurance solutions provide clients with:

    • Robust and innovative products that meet customer needs and drive revenue growth
    • Enhanced technical and organizational health through in-depth assessments and restructuring
    • Agile and design-driven teams that deliver customer-centric solutions

    Project Summary

    • Product Due Diligence, Insurance: Conducted an end-to-end assessment of an insurance company’s digital offerings
    • Design Sprint for a Consumer Banking Product: Supported a Swiss financial services client in designing a new consumer-focused banking and finance product
    • Building a Design Factory for a German Insurance Client: Developed a new product and accompanying campaign while assembling an agile team
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