Due to Non-Disclosure Agreements, most cases can only be shown here in an anonymized, generalized fashion. While you are free to inquire for more information, please understand that I cannot share details or client names without the client’s prior agreement, and might require an NDA in turn.

    CTO/CPO (interim), MedKitDoc (2021)

    The MedKitDoc platform enables digital medical consultations on a completely new level, by using specially trained specialists and the real-time transmission of health data via certified medical devices.

    I served as interim Technical and Product lead to build up a fully certified digital health platform, including the design of the software and systems architecture, leading design and UX research, steering the software engineering team, and hiring for internal roles including a new CTO.

    As the Product officer, I co-created the roadmap, then translated strategic business objectives into implementation initiatives, establishing procedures and workflows, and optimized the software development efficiency and reporting.

    Product Due Diligence, Insurance (2021)

    End-to-end assessment of an insurance company’s digital offerings, from strategy, product roadmap and management, UX and design to software architecture, development processes and security practices, to evaluate overall business fitness.

    User Experience Testing, E-Com B2B (2021)

    Testing and validation of UX/Design work for a European B2B e-commerce player.

    Technical Health Check for E-Commerce/Retail (2021)

    Outside-in assessment of a major European multi-brand e-commerce/retail group’s technical and product strategy, roadmap, budget, people planning, processes, and platform.

    Design Sprint for an Internal Workflow Tool (2020)

    A Western European client wanted to redesign their central internal workflow tool to make it more user-friendly, more efficient, and usable across different devices and control interfaces. I supported a Design Sprint with my expertise in UX design, technology, and e-commerce.

    Technical Health Check for Omnichannel Retail (2020)

    This Due Diligence project for an European client provided an independent, outside assessment of overall organizational health with a focus on the technical part of the company and whether their structures, cost factors, and strategies meet industry standards/best practice.

    Concept and Development of a Digital Fitness Product (2019–2020)

    For a PE-owned Fitness and Lifestyle client in Western Europe, I helped define a digitization business case through market and design research, developed a digital product & service concept, and led the visual design development. I helped pick an implementation partner and built a combined team of specialists to develop the backend services and mobile frontends and to continue iterating and implementing the visual language. I led the software development overall, was involved in implementing the backend, selected the infrastructure provider and managed the technical deployment while helping to shape a partner and employee learning program. In the course of accompanying this project from start to finish, I was working closely with the C-level client executives and members of both the client’s and its parent company’s board.

    Digital Strategy for Live Entertainment (2019)

    I worked with a global live entertainment company to define their digital strategy, aiming to increase operational efficiency while at the same time improving customer experience and offering new channels, products and interactions. Working in a team directly with the executive suite, we analyzed the existing business cost and value drivers and developed concepts for different time horizons along with an implementation strategy for each scenario and for multiple core markets.

    Research and Concept Development for a Pharmaceutical Client (2018–2019)

    I led the research and design team for a pharmaceutical intervention project for the German subsidiary of a multinational Pharma and Healthcare client. With a target audience of physicians and other healthcare professionals, we analyzed the market and current pain points, used a proprietary combined quantitative and qualitative analysis to identify root causes and potential levers, and developed and validated a number of concepts to address these pain points at the root. As a highly regulated field, Pharma and Healthcare projects always include close collaboration with legal and medical experts, both from the client as well as external experts. The project was a resounding success that was used as a gold standard and blueprint for several other country subsidiaries.

    End-to-End Concept Design for Retail (2018)

    An international Retail client tasked us with rapidly coming up with a robust and innovative response to a competitor’s bold announcement. Within the space of a week, I defined a revolutionary solution for retail stores that combined simple, reliable technology with extremely simple and straightforward UX. The concept was developed into a fully functional prototype together with a small team within a few more weeks, and launched relatively quickly after to global media attention. In the process of developing this product, the client’s organization was also transformed to a more agile, more product-centered way of working.

    Design Sprint for a Consumer Banking Product (2018)

    A Swiss Financial Services client asked for support in designing a new consumer-focused banking and finance product. We kicked off with a Design Sprint and built a team that followed up with fleshing out and implementing the concepts.

    Building a Design Factory for a German Insurance Client (2018)

    We helped a German Insurance client to constitute a new organizational unit working in an agile and design-driven fashion. While assembling a team made up of existing client employees, new hires and some external experts, we developed a new product and accompanying campaign together while teaching “on the job”.

    Digital and People Strategy for a Leading Multinational Services Company (2018)

    I was part of the team defining a Digital and People Strategy for a global company with several tens of thousands of employees. Our team looked at the digital strategies of competitors and adjacent players, combined with current developments in technology, society, and the economy, to come up with an overall strategic ambition and tactical implementation plans for recruiting digital talent, gaining more digital client projects, and defining the overall digital business strategy. I contributed my personal and professional expertise specifically on the recruiting and overall strategic direction. The result of our work was presented to the client’s executives at a global meeting and has shaped their strategy in digital since then.

    Creating a Digital Subsidiary for a global Trading and Logistics Company (2016–2017)

    A leading global Trading and Logistics client based in Western Europe wanted to supercharge their technological development. After strategic discussions, the decision was made to spin up a new digital subsidiary tasked with developing a modern version of the client’s core processes. I played the role of the technical and design lead for the initial concept phase and the majority of the implementation/build-up phase, with tasks including the user research with employees, partners, customers and end-users of the client’s products and services, leading the visual and UX/UI design for the new organization and its products, as well as supporting the software development and recruiting of the new employees to round out the team. The resulting platform was launched to critical acclaim, improving client experience and reducing turnaround times by several orders of magnitude. The design and architecture have likewise set new standards in a global industry with previously low levels of digitization.

    Service Design for a German Public Sector Client (2015–2016)

    A German federal agency was facing major challenges in their jurisdiction. With a large team, we advised on potential ways to solve their challenges through applied design, from improving existing processes, creating new ones, adding and adapting technological situations, and up-/re-skilling of staff.

    Older projects are not shown as the list would become very large and unwieldy. You can check my LinkedIn profile for descriptions of previous positions and roles, or have a look at the Services page to see examples of what support I can offer.