Design and User Experience (UX)

    Solving Problems with Creativity and Empathy

    Crafting Intuitive and Engaging Experiences

    I specialize in research, design, and user experience (UX) testing for clients across various industries. I focus on creating intuitive, engaging experiences that resonate with target audiences and drive customer satisfaction.

    Focus Area: Design and UX Research

    I have experience working on projects involving design sprints, service design, UX testing, and concept development. My expertise includes identifying customer pain points, conducting market research, and developing innovative solutions that address user needs.

    Client Benefits

    Design and UX solutions provide clients with:

    • Enhanced customer satisfaction through intuitive, user-friendly experiences
    • Innovative solutions that address market pain points and drive business growth
    • Expertise in diverse industries, from retail to pharmaceuticals and public sector

    Project Summary

    • User Experience Testing, E-Com B2B: Conducted UX testing and validation for a European B2B e-commerce player
    • Design Sprint for an Internal Workflow Tool: Supported a design sprint with expertise in UX design, technology, and e-commerce
    • Research and Concept Development for a Pharmaceutical Client: Led a research and design team to address pain points and develop innovative solutions
    • Service Design for a German Public Sector Client: Advised a German federal agency on solving challenges through applied design