Hi, I’m Teal Bauer. I am an independent consultant for strategic innovation, combining over 20 years of experience in product development, software development, IT architecture, design research, UX/UI design, human-computer interfaces, e-commerce and other fields to give integrative, creative, strategic advice.

For the 4 1/2 years before 2020, I worked as a Digital Expert & Experience Design Director at McKinsey & Company, where I was part of the initial digital team in Europe. Aside from building up the Product Engineering, Design and Agile centers of excellence through community building, recruiting and outreach, I was privileged to work closely with a multitude of leaders from clients in various industries and across many locales in shaping the digital present and future. Most often I took the role of overall product leader creating a digital product, service or organization end-to-end, from market research, concept design, and human-centered design development to defining the technical architecture, building the team(s) and/or selecting vendors and partners, and leading the implementation and deployment. I am comfortable working with client executives and can leverage my diverse background to quickly come up with robust ideas and innovative strategies.

Before joining McKinsey, I worked both freelance and as an employee in e-commerce, linguistics, marketplaces, software development, publishing, internet infrastructure and other industries for over 16 years. I was and still am also active in the Free Software/Open Source community, publish(ed) blogs, podcasts and vidcasts, am politically active and support diversity & inclusion efforts in the community and for NGOs. As one of my favorite side projects, I work as a translator and simultaneous spoken language interpreter for English↔German for non-commercial and community projects and events.

See my Portfolio, some example Services, or contact me here or on LinkedIn.