E-Commerce and Retail

    Crafting Unforgettable E-Commerce and Retail Experiences

    Transforming the Online Shopping Experience

    I specialize in enhancing e-commerce and retail businesses by optimizing user experience, conducting technical health checks, and implementing omnichannel retail strategies. I provide end-to-end solutions, helping clients improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue.

    Focus Area: E-Commerce and Retail Optimization

    I have extensive experience in conducting technical health checks, UX testing, and design sprints for e-commerce and retail clients. My expertise lies in assessing product strategies, roadmaps, budgets, people planning, processes, and platforms.

    Client Benefits

    E-commerce and retail solutions provide clients with:

    • Increased customer satisfaction through optimized user experience and design
    • Enhanced technical infrastructure and product strategies for improved business performance
    • Streamlined processes and workflows for increased efficiency and revenue

    Project Summary

    • E-Com B2B UX Testing: Validated UX/design work for a European B2B e-commerce player
    • Technical Health Check for E-Commerce/Retail: Assessed a major European multi-brand e-commerce/retail group’s technical and product strategy
    • Technical Health Check for Omnichannel Retail: Conducted a due diligence project for a European client, focusing on technical aspects of the company
    • End-to-End Concept Design for Retail: Developed a revolutionary solution for retail stores