Digital Strategy and Transformation

    Innovating Service Design and Strategy for Organizational Success

    Guiding Businesses into the Digital Age

    I specialize in crafting digital strategies and leading transformation initiatives for clients across various industries. I analyze market trends, competitor moves, and emerging technologies to help clients gain a competitive edge in the digital landscape.

    Focus Area: Digital Strategy Development

    I have experience working with clients in live entertainment, financial services, multinational services, and logistics sectors. My expertise lies in defining digital strategies, increasing operational efficiency, and offering new channels, products, and interactions.

    Client Benefits

    Our digital strategy and transformation solutions provide clients with:

    • Competitive advantage through comprehensive market and competitor analysis
    • Streamlined operations and improved customer experience with innovative solutions
    • Strategic implementation plans for recruiting digital talent and gaining digital client projects

    Project Summary

    • Digital Strategy for Live Entertainment: Defined a digital strategy for a global live entertainment company
    • Digital and People Strategy for a Leading Multinational Services Company: Developed a digital and people strategy for a global company with several tens of thousands of employees
    • Creating a Digital Subsidiary for a Global Trading and Logistics Company: Developed a modern version of the client’s core processes, improving client experience and reducing turnaround times